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A brew to suit every palate, we've got your flavor.

Savor every moment with our diverse flavor selection.


At Boulders on Southern, we’re your Mesa hotspot for flavorful craft beer, mouthwatering cuisine, and a laid-back, bike-themed vibe.

Guinness Draught (Nitro) Stout – Irish Dry

Guinness Draught is sold in kegs, widget cans, and bottles. The ABV varies from 4.1 to 4.3%. Guinness Extra Cold is the exact same beer only served through a super cooler at 3.5 °C
Full Pour … $7.00
22oz … $9.00
5oz … $3.00

Firestone 23 (XXIII) Anniversary Ale (2019) Strong Ale – American

Blended with the help of local Paso Robles winemakers. Components: 28% Stickee Monkee, 28% Parabola, 20% Bravo, 15% Bourbon Barrel Helldorado, 5% Velvet Merkin, 4% Tequila Barrel Helldorado
5oz … $7.00
10oz … $12.00

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